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Latest Data Release and Publications:
September 2017
APOBEC3A is an oral cancer prognostic biomarker in Taiwanese carriers of an APOBEC deletion polymorphism. Chen T-W, Lee C-C, Liu H, Wu C-S, Pickering CR, Huang P-J, et al., Nature Communications 8, Article number: 465 (2017) doi:10.1038/s41467-017-00493-9

August 2017
Updated common data-analysis pipeline (CDAP) peptide spectrum matches and summary reports for TCGA Breast Cancer and TCGA Ovarian Cancer Studies. Improved PhosphoRS localization scores for PSMs (r2) from phosphoproteome analytical fractions, and updated mzIdentML format PSMs (r2) and summary reports for proteome (r3), phosphoproteome (r4), and glycoproteome (r4) analytical fractions.

March 2017
Proteogenomic Integration Reveals Therapeutic Targets in Breast Cancer Xenografts. Huang K, Li S, Mertins P, Cao S, Gunawardena HP, Ruggles KV, et al., (2017) Nature Communications | 8:14864 | DOI: 10.1038/ncomms14864 |

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